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Zhuzhou Jinding cemented carbide company held staff training meeting

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As the ancients said: learning without thinking will lead to ignorance, but without learning it will be perilous.

No matter what stage of your career, no matter what type of work you belong to, no matter what position you are in, you can improve yourself, enrich yourself, improve work efficiency and business level through continuous learning and thinking.

In order to further stimulate the employees' spirit of keeping pace with the times, continuous learning and pursuing excellence, our company has arranged employee training days from the end of May 2020, with training on industry knowledge and product knowledge every Saturday afternoon. The purpose of the training meeting is to let the employees know more about our cemented carbide industry and have a more comprehensive understanding of the products produced, so as to improve the theoretical level and practical operation level of cemented carbide products, improve the work efficiency to a certain extent, and better serve our customers. We strive for excellent product quality, so that employees can better understand the use environment and effect of the product, so as to refine the advantages of the product in the production and sales process, so that we can not only understand our own process, but also understand the process requirements of our partners, so as to better cooperate with the work, improve production efficiency and improve product quality.


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