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YG8 Customized Tungsten Carbide Sleeve For Sale

Product name: Tungsten Carbide Nozzles
Business type: Manufacturer
Advantage: 16 years experience
Material: 100% tungsten carbide
Customized support: OEM or ODM
Shape: Standard or Customizable
Size: Standard or Customizable
Shipment: by express, by air or by sea
Service: Best after-sales service
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Product Description

Quick Detail


Product name: YG8 Customized Tungsten Carbide Sleeve For Sale 

Customized support: OEM and ODM

Material: 100% tungsten carbide

Grade: YG6/YG8/YG8C/YG11/YG11C,etc.

Heat resistance: 900℃

Density: 14.5 g/m3

Size: Diameter ( 65*20*65 ) or OEM accepted

Shape: Conical

Surface: Blanks or polished grinding

Feature: Superior wear,Corrosion resistance



Product Application


Tungsten carbide bushing / sleeve has a wide applications, which is a device to protect a class of components. It is in the actual work and the role and purpose of its application environment have a great relationship. Valve applications, bushings be installed in the valve stem cap trap, in order to reduce the valve leakage, to seal; bearing applications, the use of bush to reduce wear between the bearing and the shaft seat, avoid the gap between the shaft and the hole increases and so on.



Product Characteristic  

Tungsten carbide bushing production and processing of high-strength, can withstand prolonged load, with high chemical stability,alkali, alcohol, ether, hydrocarbons, acid, oil, detergent, water (sea water), and has no smell , non-toxic, tasteless, non-rustcharacteristics, its widely used in petrochemical industry for submerged oil pump, slurry pump, water pump, centrifugal pump, etc.


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