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Wholesale tungsten carbide polished glass cutter & tile cutter

Product name: Tungsten carbide glass cutter
Advantage: 16 years experience Manufacturer
Customized support: OEM or ODM
Material: Tungsten carbide
Shape and Size: Standrad or OEM accepted
Shipment: By express, by air or by sea
Service: Best after-sales service
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Product Description

Product Detail

Product name: Wholesale tungsten carbide polished glass cutter & tile cutter

Material: Tungsten Carbide

Grade:  YG6, YG8, YG11, YG10.2

Size:  Length: customize; Cut Thickness: 2-19mm

Color: Black

Type: Cutting tools

Application: This is a kind of glass cutter fixed with high quality carbide cutting wheel, and widely used in flat glass, stained glass, tile, bceramic, etc.

Product Features 

Carbide glass cutting are available in a variety of different sizes, cutting angles and grid sizes. Here you find a range of the most commonly used types. With the right wheel and correct set up, you will increase your production efficiency and decrease the rework and scrap rate. Our carbide glass cutting wheel will perform consistently and help you to optimize your score process.

The carbide scribing is used in float glass, constructional engineering glass, glass doors, windows, mirrors, automotive glass, LCD panels, and substrate glass.

All carbide wheels are made of high quality tungsten alloy material and are accurately manufactured with high precision machinery. It has excellent abrasive resistance, excellent cutting results and long service life.

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