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What are the types of carbide drills bits? What are the uses?

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【Introduction to Carbide Drill bit】

Carbide drill bit is a kind of drill bit used in core drilling. The steel cylindrical drill bit is named after the cemented carbide cutting tool inlaid with tungsten carbide. The shape of the cemented carbide cutting tool and the number of inserts on the drill bit, the arrangement, and the angle of the insert are called the bottom edge, the inner edge and the outer edge to ensure that there is a gap for water and powder discharge. The upper part of the drill bit body is connected with a core pipe by a threaded thread, a water tank is arranged on the side of the drill bit body, and a water port is also arranged on the lip surface of the bottom. Both the sink and the water outlet ensure the circulation of the flushing fluid to remove rock dust and cool the drill bit. In order to increase the gap when drilling into clay and shale formations, ribs are welded on the inner and outer walls of the hard alloy drill bit, which is called a rib drill bit. Needle-shaped carbide self-grinding drill bits can be used in hard formations with high abrasiveness. General carbide drill bits can drill into strata with rock drillability of II-VII; needle-shaped cemented carbide drill bits can drill into rocks of VI-VIII grade.

【Applications and characteristics of cemented carbide drill bits】

1. It is suitable for drilling holes of more complex materials, and a higher cutting speed can be selected.

2. High-performance alloy blades specially selected for alloy drills can effectively reduce chipping and maintain good wear resistance.

3. Multi-layer geometric cutting end edge improves drainage performance and maintains small cutting resistance.

4. In addition to the commonly used right-angle shank, there are various shank types, which are suitable for various drilling machines and drilling machines.

【Carbide Drill Bits Type】

Carbide drills bits are divided into four basic types: solid carbide drills bit, carbide indexable insert drill bit, welded carbide drill bit and replaceable carbide crown drill bit. Each type of drill bits has benefits that are suitable for specific processing conditions.

1) Solid carbide drill bit

2) Carbide indexable insert drill bit

Drills equipped with carbide indexable inserts can process a wide range of apertures, and the processing depth ranges from 2D to 5D (D is the aperture), which can be applied to lathes and other torsion processing machine tools.

3) Welded carbide drill bit

Welded carbide drill bits are made by smoothly welding a carbide crown on a steel drill body. This kind of drill adopts self-centering geometric edge shape, which has small cutting force and can achieve excellent chip control for most workpiece materials. Follow-up finishing. The drill adopts an internal cooling system and can be used in machining centers, CNC lathes or other high rigidity and high speed machine tools.

4) Replaceable hard alloy crown drill bit

Replaceable carbide crown drills are a new generation of drilling tools. It is composed of a steel drill body and a replaceable integral carbide crown. Compared with a welded carbide drill, its machining accuracy is about the same, but because the crown can be replaced, the processing cost can be reduced. , Improve drilling productivity. This kind of drill can obtain accurate hole size increments and has a self-centering function, so the hole machining accuracy is very high.

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