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Tungsten Carbide manufacturers take you to understand the unique characteristics of tungsten carbide

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Tungsten carbide may be no stranger to everyone, it is the most important raw material of cemented carbide. It is widely used in various fields, so what are its characteristics and uses that can get such great attention? Zhuzhou Jinding Cemented Carbide manufacturer takes you to understand the unique use of tungsten carbide.

Tungsten carbide is a widely used alloy material. It is the most important compound in petroleum, mining and metal processing industries. Many tool alloys with high requirements for wear resistance contain tungsten carbide.

Let's first look at the use of tungsten carbide

As a tool is one of the main uses of tungsten carbide, because it is a very hard and wear-resistant material, which has become the most widely used alloy material in the cutting tool industry. In fact, compared with other steel tools, tungsten carbide tools have more cutting edge and longer service life.

Although tungsten carbide is a good tool, it's not the only use for cutting.

Tungsten carbide can be used as filament in cathode ray tubes and bulbs. It is also used for field emitters, heating elements and electrodes.

Let's understand the unique characteristics of tungsten carbide.

What makes tungsten carbide unique?

One of the attractive properties of tungsten is its unique melting point. Compared with other metals, it has the highest melting point. For steel and other alloys, it has very strong strength. The high melting point makes it very suitable for the above bulbs and filaments, as well as for arc welding electrodes and electrical contacts.

In terms of the chemical properties of tungsten, there are several minerals at work. The most important are wolframite and scheelite.

So what's the difference between tungsten and tungsten carbide?

The biggest difference is that tungsten only contains tungsten, while tungsten carbide alloys also contain carbon, titanium, nickel and other metals.

The functions of these two substances are basically the same. For example, in the jewelry industry, tungsten or tungsten carbide can be used to make rings because it does not rust. Compared with other metals, the maintenance cost of tungsten rings is extremely low.

The two can be used interchangeably in any number of industries, including the jewelry industry, and are usually used in place of each other. The jewelry industry prefers tungsten, especially when making rings, because it does not rust, develop copper rust or discolor. For example, over time, sterling silver rings need to be polished because they lose luster. Compared with other types of metals used in jewelry, the maintenance of tungsten rings, etc. is extremely low.

Tungsten carbide as thermal spraying coating

The performance of tungsten carbide is so excellent, but it has one of the biggest disadvantages, that is, the cost is high. If you want to use it on a large scale, it is impractical. Therefore, a kind of tungsten carbide spraying technology is developed. Tungsten carbide is added to the surface of various metal alloy tools as a coating, which can greatly improve the performance of metal tools.

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