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The performance and characteristics of the fine grinding button of cemented carbide for mining

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Cemented carbide buttons have unique working performance, high hardness and good wear resistance, so they are widely used in mining of various rocks. It is suitable for crushing very strong granite, quartz porphyry, siliceous schist, strong quartzite, the strongest sandstone and limestone, poor iron ore, etc. It is a special part for mining drill bits.

Cemented carbide fine grinding buttons are widely used in: oil drilling and snow shoveling, snow plough machines and other equipment; coal mining machine drilling tools, mining machinery tools and road sweeping snow removal and road maintenance tools; quarrying, mining, tunnels Tools used in engineering and civil construction; down-the-hole drills, threaded drills and other alloy drills. It has a wide range of uses and is popular in various fields.

Carbide fine grinding ball teeth are divided into: coal cutting teeth, spherical teeth, tapered teeth, spoon teeth, flat top teeth, parabolic teeth, wedge teeth, edge wedge teeth, pointed claw teeth, road digging teeth and so on. Mainly used for the side teeth of down-the-hole drill bits, suitable for abrasive and very hard rocks.

The product characteristics of cemented carbide fine grinding buttons are: superior wear resistance and impact toughness, and higher drilling speed than similar products. The spherical tooth series bit passivation has a long service life, which is beneficial to save auxiliary man-hours, reduce workers' physical labor and speed up engineering.

Spherical gears, tapered gears, wedge gears, side wedge gears, spoon gears, flat top gears, parabolic gears, pointed claw gears, road digging gears and other specifications of cemented carbide buttons are available in cemented carbide manufacturers produce.

Tungsten carbide buttons are 100% made of virgin tungsten carbide, and the product performance is stable. After ordinary sintering, an overpressure sintering furnace is used for secondary sintering. The bit does not lose teeth and has a longer service life; it is finely ground by a centerless grinder to ensure the size standard.

Carbide tungsten steel road construction teeth, chisel teeth, digging teeth, pavement teeth, and pavement milling teeth are mainly used in road milling machines, and are one of the main types of asphalt pavement maintenance construction machinery. Asphalt concrete pavement maintenance construction One of the main equipment-mainly used for the excavation and renovation of asphalt concrete surfaces such as highways, urban roads, airports, freight yards, etc. It can also be used to remove road congestion, oil waves, netting, rutting and other defects, and can also be used for driving Digging pavement pots and grooves, as well as roughening of cement pavements and milling of staggered surfaces.

Carbide fine grinding buttons have the following advantages:

1. Made of virgin materials, with high wear resistance and durability.

2. Overpressure sintering to increase the density of cemented carbide teeth.

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