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Several polishing methods for hard alloys

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The following are several common methods for polishing hard alloys:

Magnetic grinding and polishing: using magnetic abrasive to form an abrasive brush under the action of a magnetic field, to grind and process the mold.

Chemical polishing: allowing the surface of the hard alloy mold to preferentially dissolve the concave parts of the micro protruding parts in the chemical medium, thereby obtaining a smooth surface.

Electrolytic polishing: Its principle is the same as chemical polishing, which relies on selectively dissolving small protrusions on the surface of the material to make the surface smooth.

Ultrasonic polishing: placing abrasive suspension in an ultrasonic field, relying on the oscillation effect of ultrasonic waves, to grind and polish the abrasive on the surface of the mold.

Fluid polishing: relies on the high-speed flow of liquid and its carried abrasive particles to flush the surface of hard alloy molds to achieve polishing.

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