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Let's have a comprehensive understanding of the use of cemented carbide

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Cemented carbide is an alloy material made by powder metallurgy process from hard compound of refractory metal and bonding metal. It has a series of excellent properties such as high hardness, wear resistance, good strength and toughness, and is widely used. With the passage of time, the use is still expanding. Today, we has sorted out the main uses of cemented carbide for you. Through this article, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the uses of cemented carbide.

First, as a cutting tool: cemented carbide can be used as a variety of cutting tools. The cemented carbide consumption of cutting tools in China accounts for about one third of the total cemented carbide output, of which about 78% are used for welding tools and about 22% are used for indexable tools. The cemented carbide for NC tools only accounts for about 20% of the cemented carbide for indexable tools. In addition, there are cutting tools such as integral cemented carbide drill bit, integral cemented carbide small circular saw blade, cemented carbide micro drill and so on.

The second is geological mining tools: geological mining tools are also a major use of cemented carbide. In China, mining cemented carbide accounts for about 25% of the total production of cemented carbide. It is mainly used for drill bits for impact drilling, bits for geological exploration, DTH drills for mines and oilfields, roller drills, coal cutter picks, impact drills for building materials industry, etc.

There are also molds: cemented carbide used as various molds accounts for about 8% of the total production of cemented carbide, including wire drawing die, cold upsetting die, cold extrusion die, hot extrusion die, hot forging die, forming die and drawing tube mandrel, such as long mandrel, spherical mandrel and floating mandrel. The consumption of various cemented carbide rolls for rolling wire rod has increased rapidly in recent ten years, Cemented carbide for roll has accounted for 3% of the total production of cemented carbide in China.

As structural parts: cemented carbide is used as many structural parts, such as rotary sealing ring, compressor piston, lathe chuck, grinder spindle, bearing journal, etc.

Processed into wear-resistant parts: wear-resistant parts made of cemented carbide include nozzle, guide rail, plunger, ball, tire anti-skid nail, snow shovel plate, etc.

Cavity for high pressure and high temperature resistance: the most important use is to produce top hammer, cylinder and other products for synthetic diamond. The cemented carbide for top hammer and cylinder has accounted for 9% of the total cemented carbide production in China.

And other uses: cemented carbide is more and more widely used, and has been continuously expanded in the civil field in recent years, such as watch chain, watch case, zipper head of high-grade luggage, cemented carbide trademark, etc.

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