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Learn about tungsten carbide welding blade

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Tungsten carbide welding blade is a part of carbide welding turning tool. Welding turning tool is made of cemented carbide welding blade and ordinary structural steel tool bar through welding. Its advantages are simple structure and convenient manufacture. , The tool has good rigidity and flexible use, so it is widely used.

Application range: tungsten carbide welding blades are relatively common metal cutting tool blades on cutting machine tools, and are generally used on turning tools and milling cutters. It is suitable for processing various steel parts, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and alloys.

Product attributes: tungsten carbide welding blades have high hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance, and are sintered at high temperature using high wear-resistant and high heat-resistant WC (tungsten carbide) and CO (cobalt) powders. Tungsten-cobalt blades, the national standard is called YG, and the corresponding international name is K. This kind of alloy knife is used to process ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials with short chips, such as cast iron, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, plastic , Bakelite, etc. Common grades are YG6/YG8 and so on.

Features of cemented carbide welding blades:

1. High sharpness;

2. Good cutting effect;

3. Long service life;

4. Can be used according to specific use.

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