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How to repair the damaged cemented carbide mould?

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Cemented carbide mold is an expensive precision tool, should be treated with the same care and attention as precision equipment, so that the mold life is longer, the quality of the workpiece can be more guaranteed. So, cemented carbide mold damage, how to repair it? We share with you the following cemented carbide mold maintenance methods.

The standardization system of cemented carbide mold includes four kinds of standards, namely: mold basic standards, mold process quality standards, mold parts standards and mold production related technical standards.

Mold standards can be divided into stamping mold standards, plastic injection mold standards, die-casting mold standards, forging mold standards, fastener cold heading mold standards, drawing mold standards, cold extrusion mold standards, rubber mold standards, glass products mold standards and automobile stamping mold standards.

With the increase of international exchanges, the development of localization of diamond pipe drawing dies and the international standardization requirements of foreign-funded enterprises for their matching dies, on the one hand, in the aspect of standard formulation, attention has been paid to adopting international standards or foreign advanced national standards as far as possible, including the standards of advanced enterprises; On the other hand, according to the market demand, many mold standard parts manufacturers not only produce mold standard parts according to Chinese standards, but also produce mold standard parts according to the standards of foreign advanced enterprises.

After a period of use, the internal parts of any cemented carbide mold will be gradually worn and damaged, which will reduce the working performance and accuracy of the cemented carbide mold. Due to the carelessness of the operator and improper maintenance and use, the cemented carbide mold will be damaged or the quality of the product will decline, and even the production will be stopped. How to eliminate and avoid these failures, This requires the number of tungsten steel cold heading die fitters to master the relevant die repair technology, so that the failure can be handled and repaired at any time, so that it can return to normal use as far as possible, so as to give full play to the maximum potential of the die.

Good weldability: high density alloy can be brazed with copper and silver solder and electroplated.

Cemented carbide mold damage need timely maintenance, in order to ensure the quality of the workpiece, of course, we usually need regular maintenance to extend its service life. 

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