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How to remedy the error of machining cemented carbide spherical surface with CNC milling machine?

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Numerical control milling machine is one of the important methods of cemented carbide machining. However, when machining cemented carbide spherical surface with numerical control milling machine, especially when machining quadrant ball and curved surface, due to improper adjustment, it is easy to produce shoulder and backhoe. Today we will give you an analysis of the main reasons and how to remedy the errors.

The main reasons are as follows: 

There is a certain gap between the screw and nut in the transmission pair of equipment. With the increase of the equipment operation time, the gap increases gradually due to wear. Therefore, the corresponding gap compensation for reverse movement is the main factor to overcome the convex shoulder on the machined surface.

Before the design surface of parts is realized, whether the machining allowance of the surface to be processed is even is an important reason for the forming surface to meet the design requirements, because the uneven machining allowance is easy to cause "re mapping" error. Therefore, for parts with high surface shape requirements, the machining allowance should be as uniform as possible or the design requirements can be achieved by machining one more profile.

The cutting tool is used to remove the material by the main cutting edge. But after the arc is processed in quadrant, after the arc is tangent to the cutting edge of the tool pair, the secondary cutting edge may be involved in the cutting (that is, the back of the shovel). Therefore, when selecting or grinding tools, it is necessary to consider the wedge angle of the tool.

The machining equipment of CNC milling machine is of high efficiency and good quality. But if the process design is not arranged properly, it can not reflect its advantages. From the perspective of processing and use of some manufacturers, there are some problems as follows:

The reason for this problem is that it is afraid of complexity, simple programming, simple operation and processing, and easy to adjust the tool alignment with a knife, and is used to ordinary processing. This leads to the product quality is not easy to guarantee, and the production efficiency can not be well played. Therefore, the process personnel and operators should be fully familiar with the knowledge of NC machining, try more to master relevant knowledge, and use the method of process concentration as much as possible. It will naturally reflect its advantages by using it several times. After the process is centralized, the unit processing time increases. We arrange two equipment face-to-face, and realize one person to operate two equipment, and the efficiency has been greatly improved and the quality is also well guaranteed.

Some operators often arrange the processing sequence very unreasonable considering some problems in preparation. NC machining usually according to the requirements of general machining process preparation, such as coarse and fine (tool change), first inside and outside, reasonable selection of cutting parameters, etc., so that the quality and efficiency can be improved.

In the process of NC milling machine, especially, the search and trial operation of program should be strengthened. At the same time, before the formal execution of the program processing, the program trial run must be conducted to confirm whether the processing route is consistent with the design route.

These are some common problems and solutions in NC machining equipment. The knowledge and skills of CNC can be mastered carefully, and the numerical control equipment can give full play to the maximum benefit for the enterprise.

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