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How to determine the appropriate size of tungsten carbide button?

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To determine the appropriate size of tungsten carbide button, the following aspects need to be considered:

1. Type and scale of homework

-Large scale mining or tunnel excavation typically requires larger ball teeth to improve operational efficiency and crushing capacity.

-For small-scale geological exploration drilling or fine stone processing, smaller carbide button may be more suitable.

2. Equipment matching

-Different drilling or crushing equipment has specific requirements for the size of the carbide button. It is necessary to refer to the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer and select carbide button sizes that are suitable for the equipment specifications to ensure compatibility during installation and use.

3. Rock characteristics

-For rocks with high hardness and large blocks, larger carbide button can provide stronger impact and crushing forces.

-For softer, smaller rocks or soil, smaller carbide button may be sufficient.

4. Depth and diameter requirements for drilling or crushing

-If larger diameter holes need to be drilled or larger areas of rock need to be broken, corresponding larger sized carbide button are required.

-Deeper drilling may require longer carbide button to ensure effective operation.

5. Production efficiency and cost considerations

-Larger carbide button may handle more materials in a single operation, but the cost may also be higher. We need to balance production efficiency and cost comprehensively to find the optimal size.

For example, in a large-scale mining project, when facing rocks with higher hardness, using a large rock drill for deep drilling and crushing operations may choose cemented carbide button with a diameter of more than 20 millimeters and a longer length. In small-scale geological exploration, portable drilling machines may be used, and for softer formations, shorter carbide button with a diameter of about 10 millimeters may be selected.

In summary, determining the appropriate size of carbide button requires comprehensive consideration of multiple factors and selection based on specific operational requirements and conditions.

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