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High Quality YG6 Carbide Button Knifes for Cutting Clothes′ Buttons

Product name: Tungsten Carbide Saw Tips
Customized support: OEM or ODM
Business type: Manufacturer
Advantage: 16 years experience
Material: 100% tungsten carbide
Size: OEM accepted
Shape: OEM accepted
Shipment: by express, by air or by sea
Service: Best after-sales service
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Product Description

Product Detail

Product name: High Quality YG6 Carbide Button Knifes for Cutting Clothes′ Buttons

Product Type: Tungsten carbide blade

Customized support: OEM or ODM

Material: 100% tungsten carbide

Grade: YG8,YG6,YG10,YG15,YG20,YG25,YL10.2,YS2T,YG6X

Size: 4x9x25, 5x13x28, 5x17x25, etc or OEM accepted

Size Tolerance:   Length tolerance: 0~+0.7mm,  Width tolerance: 0~+0.3mm

Application: It's widely used in button production, it can cut kinds of material of buttons, because of its high hardness and high efficiency

Product Features

1. We have developed different cemented carbide formulations for buttons of different materials to maximize the performance of cemented carbide turning tools and tungsten carbide button cutters and meet the needs of carbide buttons of different materials.

2. We have complete specifications.

3. The size and shape of the product can be customized.

4. Fast delivery.

Product Specifications

We have the following specifications to choose from or customize according to your needs.

3.2*4*25 13.2*7*25
9.2*5*28 17.2*7*25
9.2*4*25 12*7*12
13.2*5*28 9.3*4*12
17.2*5*28 13.3*4.5*12
22.2*5*28 17.3*5*12

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