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Four- days tour of Fenghuang ancient city and Furong Town

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On the first day:


In the morning, we gathered at the gate of the company at 8 o'clock and set off by coach. It took more than 7 hours to arrive at the destination of Xiangxi, Hunan Province.

After lunch, take a bus to Qiliang Cave, there are thousands of scenes in Qiliang cave, which has the reputation of "one cave in the world".


After dinner, we watch the original folk custom performance of the Longevity Palace.

On the second day:


After breakfast, we went to the Feishui Valley Scenic Area, where the mountains and hills are undulating, the canyon is deep, the trees are green, the flowers and plants are fragrant, and the birds' singing is graceful, which maintains the natural scenery of the original ecology.

Then, we went to the Fenghuang village head's home in Zhoushengtang to be a guest: taste the tea, taste the honey and drink the pomelo tea.

In the evening, We visit phoenix ancient city and Tuojiang River to enjoy the charming scenery on both sides of the river.


On the third day:


After breakfast,  we take a bus to "the world's top 10 must go new landmarks" which cost 1.5 billion to build the world's four largest canyon spanning suspension bridges - Aizhai bridge.

Then, we went shibadong village, my motherland, after going through the clouds of history and undergoing the baptism of reform, Huayuan initiated to invite you to sing "I and my motherland" together in shibadong village.

After, we went to Furong Town to visit the originally known as Wangcun, it is an ancient town with a history of more than 2000 years. Because of the magnificent waterfalls shuttling through it, it is also known as the "Millennium ancient town hanging on the waterfall".

On the fourth day:


After breakfast, we visit Song Zuying's hometown, the largest, most beautiful and ancient Miao village in Western Hunan Province. Experience the highest welcome etiquette of Miao people :three cards of Miao nationality, drink the gate wine of Miao nationality, sing folk songs and knock the auspicious drum of Miao nationality, and experience the simplicity and enthusiasm of Miao people in the strong drunken songs!

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