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Customized tungsten carbide woodworking alloy scraper blade

Product name: Tungsten carbide woodworking blades
Advantage: 16 years experience Manufacturer
Customized support: OEM or ODM
Material: Tungsten carbide
Shape and Size: Standrad or OEM accepted
Shipment: By express, by air or by sea
Service: Best after-sales service
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Product Description

Product Detail

Product name: Customized tungsten carbide woodworking alloy scraper blade

Material: 100% fresh Raw material like tungsten carbide powder, cobalt powder and others rare metal powder to 

ensure the finished carbide products with the high stable hardness, as well as the well rupture transerve strength.

Grade:  A large variety of grade recommended for wood, aluminium, metal and steel cutting.

Size: Standard size & customized size available

Surface treatment: CNC polished, high accurate

Processing type: Planing

Application: Surface Planing

Product Features 

1. Wear resistance with high toughness: resulting in increased tool life, reduction in number of tool changes, reduced grinding and lower production costs.


2. Resistant to corrosion: protection against chemical influences such as resin


3. Resistant to oxidation: protection against thermal influences


4. Resistant to abrasion: protection against mechanical wear

Product Specification

15mm Square Solid Carbide Insert with radius edges and rounded corner .

15x15x2.5-30° R50 4R0.5

15x15x2.5-30° R100 4R0.5

15x15x2.5-30° R150 4R0.5

We also provide other sized square insert like 9.6x9.6, 10.5x10.5, 11x11, 12x12, 14x14,etc.

Recommended Brand

ISO CODE Grain size of Tungsten Carbide powder Cobalt(%) Density(g/cm³) Hardness(HRA) T.R.S(N/mm²
K05 0.8um 5.7%-6.2% 14.7-14.9 92.5-93.5 >2400
K05 0.6-0.8um 4.8%-5.2% 14.8-15.05 93.2-94 >2800
K20 0.8um 10-10.5% 14.3-14.5 91.4-92.2 2700

Production Process





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