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Cemented carbide wear-resistant shaft sleeve plays an important role in petroleum and natural gas industry

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As we all know, the exploration and drilling of natural resources such as oil and natural gas is a very huge project, and the surrounding environment is also extremely bad. In such an environment, high-quality accessories and parts are needed to make the production equipment have high service life and high efficiency. Cemented carbide shaft sleeves play an irreplaceable role in these fields because of their high wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance and good sealing.

Cemented carbide wear-resistant shaft sleeve is a wear-resistant part on the equipment. Good logistics stability is the basic guarantee of wear-resistant performance. Its high hardness, high tensile strength, high compressive strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance can better meet the special requirements for friction and wear-resistant parts of all mechanical equipment in the mining process of petroleum, natural gas and other industries, Especially the precision production and use requirements of wear-resistant sealing parts. With good mirror finish and dimensional tolerance to meet the service performance of mechanical seal wear-resistant parts, and the physical property index of cemented carbide is suitable for the material requirements of earthquake resistance and shock absorption, which better reflects the excellent performance of materials for precision mechanical parts. The improvement of tool material performance can promote production efficiency and improve the use requirements of production equipment. Cemented carbide has good physical stability. It is a tool material widely used in industrial mass production.

In addition, cemented carbide known as "industrial teeth" has high hardness, strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, so it has played a great role in oil drilling and mining tools. Many well tools are made of cemented carbide. Those excavation and cutting tools mainly act on various complex strata and concrete structures. When working under extremely harsh conditions, it is necessary to improve the performance of cemented carbide shaft sleeve tool accessories and prolong their service life.

Many equipment used in the oil and gas industry need to resist not only the erosion of fast fluid objects containing sand particles and other grinding media, but also the corrosion hazards to operate in harsh environments. Based on the above two factors, cemented carbide shaft sleeve parts are more used in the oil and gas industry, and the natural properties of cemented carbide parts can resist this wear mechanism.

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