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Application of Hard Alloy Button Teeth

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Hard alloy ball teeth have high hardness, strength, wear resistance, and good impact resistance, making them widely used in the following fields:

1. Mining: Used for rock drilling, drilling, and ore crushing operations. During the mining process, hard alloy ball teeth can withstand high-strength impacts and wear, effectively crushing hard rocks and ores.

2. Geological Exploration: In geological drilling, hard alloy ball teeth can improve drilling efficiency and the service life of drill bits.

3. Tunnel Engineering: A drill bit used for tunnel excavation equipment to help excavate rocks and soil.

4. Building construction: For example, it plays a role in the demolition, crushing of concrete structures and rock foundations.

5. Oil and gas extraction: In drilling operations, it can cope with complex geological conditions and improve drilling efficiency.

6. Stone Processing: The mining and processing of marble, granite and other stone materials can efficiently complete cutting and crushing tasks.

In summary, hard alloy ball teeth play an important role in fields that require coping with hard materials and harsh working conditions, helping to improve work efficiency and reduce costs.

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