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The development of high-end market of cemented carbide mould will lead China to become a powerful manufacturing country in the world

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Cemented carbide mold, with its excellent wear resistance, high strength, good chemical inertia and so on, has become the most competitive products in mold. After years of continuous development of China's mold industry, structural adjustment has made great progress and remarkable results. Mold industry, especially the high-quality die based on cemented carbide mold, is developing towards the high-end market to meet the continuous requirements of modern social and economic development.


Mould is a product formed by tools, especially standardized mould, which provides strong technical support for modern manufacturing industry. China's mold standardization, especially the cemented carbide mold standardization, started relatively late. For a long time, mold standard parts have been characterized by less varieties and specifications, small production scale, poor circulation, more medium and low-grade products, and less medium and high-grade products. Compared with the high-grade die standard parts produced by foreign-funded enterprises, its popularization and application are affected due to its high price. Due to the openness and utility of the market economy, China's mold standard parts are not centralized, too many production points are too scattered, and the product quality can not keep up with. For the mold standard parts market, disordered competition makes the market more chaotic.

With the rapid development of social economy and science and technology, as well as the wave of economic globalization, new requirements are put forward for the equipment manufacturing industry, especially for the high-end equipment manufacturing industry. With the development of localization of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, the corresponding mold standardization industry closely connected with the equipment manufacturing industry, the market demand and requirements of high-end cemented carbide mold products follow. Developed countries attach importance to the development of high-end cemented carbide mold standard parts, especially high-quality cemented carbide mold standard parts. Mold standard parts can play a role in ensuring the quality of industrial products. With China's economy entering a stable period, the industrial structure is gradually optimized, and the quality requirements for industrial products are also higher and higher, which requires higher and higher die standard parts. It is an inevitable trend for the development of cemented carbide dies for standard parts of dies and moulds to the high-end market.


Cemented carbide die is developing to the high-end market. The medium and high-end die products mainly represented by large-scale, precision, high-efficiency and high-performance moulds will become the main direction of high-end market competition in the future. As a big manufacturing country, the high-end market development of cemented carbide mold will lead China to become a world manufacturing power!

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