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Safety production--a lecture on fire safety knowledge of Zhuzhou Jinding cemented carbide

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In order to further improve the awareness of fire safety, do a good job in fire prevention, and implement the safety production of the workshop, in combination with the deployment and requirements of Zhuzhou City on production safety and fire safety, our company held a special lecture on fire protection knowledge with the theme of "improving fire safety awareness and preventing fire from burning" in the conference room on June 10th.




In the lecture, the instructor gave a detailed explanation on fire inducement, fire prevention, safe use of fire and electricity, fire prevention measures, initial fire fighting, evacuation and escape skills and other knowledge in combination with various recent fire cases, focusing on the fire safety of workshop, home appliance fire, kitchen fire and vehicle fire and other common safety hazards in work and life 。 The pictures and videos of real fire cases explained by the instructor let everyone in this room wake up.



After the explanation of the case, the instructor explained in detail the working principle of fire extinguisher and gas mask, the correct use method and precautions, and focused on what we should do when the fire broke out, and how to report the fire and emergency escape methods. In the whole training activity, a question link was set up, and the staff asked questions about the safety problems in production and life, and the instructors gave professional answers one by one.


The training equipment is practical and targeted, easy to understand, so that the participants can quickly grasp the scientific and practical fire fighting methods and escape skills, improve the emergency handling ability of the staff, enhance the daily fire safety awareness, and prevent from "burning". Zhuzhou Jinding cemented carbide Co., Ltd. will regularly and irregularly inspect the use of fire and electricity in the plant area to further strengthen the awareness of safety production, so as to ensure the realization of the annual safety production target.


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