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Domestic cemented carbide R&D and innovation awareness has increased, and patent applications continue to grow

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The industrial chain of cemented carbide is relatively long, from the initial raw tungsten ore to the final cemented carbide and its products in each link of the industrial chain can achieve greater value-added space. Preliminary estimates, from the original raw material concentrate powder to metal powder, the product value-added is about 3 times; from the concentrate powder to the ordinary cemented carbide, the product value-added can be increased by about 6 times; from the concentrate powder to the rotating blade of the CNC lathe, The product value-added is more than 20 times.


my country's cemented carbide industry started in the 1950s and has gone through a development process of nearly 60 years of technology introduction, digestion and absorption, and independent innovation. Domestic cemented carbide enterprises have gradually developed and grown, and have made great progress in terms of quantity, scale and technology. With the extensive development of the market in the early stage, cemented carbide companies began to pay more attention to R&D and innovation capabilities, and the awareness of intellectual property protection continued to increase. Patent work in the cemented carbide industry grew out of nothing and developed rapidly. At present, there are more than 30 domestic universities and research institutes engaged in cemented carbide research, and technical personnel account for about 10%.


From the perspective of patent application data in the cemented carbide industry, the growth rate of new patents in the cemented carbide industry began to grow rapidly around 2006 and reached its peak in 2014. In 2006, the number of new domestic cemented carbide patents was only 169. By 2014, the number of new patents had reached 661.

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